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released June 25, 2016

Recorded at Piss Factory Studio, March 2016

Brain Tape / Hamburgerhead Records


tags: punk Sudbury


all rights reserved


SIK RIK Sudbury, Ontario

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Track Name: Do not top knot
You are not Samurai
You are shitty white guy
Your haircut is not so cool
You should go to haircut school
Undercuts are pretty cool
Top knot is not undercut

Do not top knot
Track Name: Holly is a Punk
Holly is a Punk
Front row at the show
Holly does the Twist
Holly does the Pogo
She's a silly girl
She has a pretty smile
She's the kind of girl I wanna be around for a while

Holly is a Punk
Track Name: I don't wanna go out
I don't wanna go to the party
I don't wanna go to the show
I don't wanna go to the barbecue
I don't wanna go to the disco
I don't wanna go for a walk
I don't wanna have a nice talk
I don't wanna go out in the sun
I don't wanna go out and have fun

I don't wanna go out without you
Track Name: Living at my mom's
Living in mom's basement at the age of twenty-nine
Feeling old and shitty and eighteen at the same time
Can't have a midnight snack
Can't have a midnight whack
Can't smoke dope or play guitar
Can't get a girl but I get mom's car

I'm living at my mom's
Track Name: Fred Smith
Fred Smith is a bad man
He killed in 62'
He killed again in 75' and now he's killing you

Fred Smith is a bad man
Fred Smith is DKE
Fred Smith is Skull and Bones
Fred Smith shot Kennedy

Fred Smith is aviation
Fred Smith the post
Fred Smith is Donald Rumsfeld
I hate Fred Smith the most

Fred Smith is a bad man
He's fat white rich and old
Take all his money from him and throw him in a hole

Fuck you Fred Smith